South Carolina workshop

Our JKPW South Carolina Beaches and Plantations photo workshop ended a few days ago. A talented group of photographers was on hand to capture images of the great landscapes around the Charleston, SC area. The photograph above was from one of our favorite locations, the Morris Island Lighthouse Inlet. This black and white image was an 8 second exposure to smooth out the waves crashing against and through the boards and pilings of this wooden wall protecting the beach.

The image below is also of the Morris Island Lighthouse, using a jetty of rocks as a leading line to the lighthouse just before sunset.

Our first evening of the workshop included a boat trip to a barrier island with a “boneyard” beach of dead trees that have been overtaken by the ocean due to erosion. Our group found many compositions using the collection of trees standing and laying along the beach at the water’s edge. The boat ride home included the chance to see a number of dolphins playfully showing off alongside our boat.

Another favorite photographic location is the Old Sheldon Church Ruins. This church, built in 1753, suffered a hard history, being burned down by British forces in the Revolutionary War and believed to have been burned again during the Civil War. Now the ruins of the church provide some wonderful photographic opportunities.

The city of Charleston is also a prime subject for photography and our photo group used the backdrop of the city to capture the setting sun were the Cooper and Ashley Rivers meet to flow into the Atlantic.

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