August is harvest time in the Palouse area of eastern Washington. It’s also a dry and hot time. While in the area for our JKPW workshop, we saw the evidence of several fields of wheat on fire. In the image above, you can see the red in the sky from the flames in one field.

The fires did not deter us from finding images of the fantastic landscape that the rolling hills of the Palouse offers. This view from Steptoe Butte shows off the fields of lines and patterns, and the dusty conditions.


We were lucky to come across a nice field of sunflowers, still in bloom, right off the highway.


We also had a marvelous sunrise which filled the sky with color at the site of the ‘Palouse Country’ barn.



Early August is a great time to visit Glacier National Park along the northern border of Montana. The Going-to-the-Sun road has been cleared of last winter’s snowfall and you have full access to the entire park. One of my favorite spots is at the water’s edge of Two Medicine Lake during sunrise.

A lot of wildlife was in view on this trip, especially bears. I lost count of the number of grizzly bears seen but one of the most striking of the bears was this golden mantled black bear with a white chest.


In addition to a great number of bear sightings, this was my first opportunity (after several visits) to photograph mountain goats up close.


Of course, the equally impressive landscape of Glacier is a photographer’s paradise with majestic mountains and cascading waterfalls.




I spent the longest days of the year (at least the longest amount of daylight…) in Grand Teton National Park where the weather was beautiful, the scenery spectacular and the wildlife was taking it easy. The early sunrise provided us a colorful sky over the famous mountain range at Jackson Lake.

Our Jennifer King Photography Workshops group also traveled to the Idaho side of the Teton range where farmlands stretch for miles and where horse ranches populate the area.


The hot summer weather kept the wildlife laying low in the park but there were still plenty of animals to see and photograph. A female moose rests with her calf, a silver fox observes the photographers and a curious ground squirrel looks for a new food source.





I recently returned from our Tuscany Experience photo workshop which was shared with a great group of photographers and for many of them, their first visit to Italy. Tuscany did not disappoint with the hospitality of the people, the fantastic food and the light and landscape providing beautiful views.

The weather also gave us dramatic skies and after a hard rain one afternoon, this incredible double rainbow which seemed to form directly over the famous Cappella di Vitaleta sitting on a distant hillside.


The Tuscan sun also competed for the ‘best landscape’ category with this early morning view from the hilltop town of Montalcino.


It wasn’t very hard to find wonderful subjects to photograph, from vineyards surrounded by colorful flowers, to local intimate town scenes, to the wheat fields around the famous group of cypress trees called the Torrenieri Trees….Tuscany gave everyone photographs to cherish for a lifetime.





Each year, Jennifer King Photography Workshops takes a group of photographers to Great Smoky Mountains National Park to experience the spring season there. This year the group was treated to a lot of black bear activity as they start to fatten up on the new plant growth in the park after the winter season. In one day, the group saw seven black bears.

Bears were not the only wildlife spotted. There were deer, turkey, coyote, snakes, salamanders, millepedes, and this rather large skink that attached itself to the side of one of the old cabins in the Cades Cove area of the park.


The spring season brings full streams in the park and the early green leaves on the trees, which transforms the park into such a different landscape from the rest of the year. The image below comes from the Tremont area of the park.


Of course, the park wouldn’t be called the Smokies without the “smoke” and we had plenty of it on the final day of our workshop. Spring in the Smokies; great friends, great scenes, great wildlife. Couldn’t ask for more!


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M y   b o o k s
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